Check it out: drug rehabilitation is not, by any means, a piece of cake. No, my friends, it is not. But what drug rehabilitation is is your key to a positive future if you’re an addict. I know because, once upon a time, I was a junkie. I’d love to sit here and tell you that I was just a misguided drug addict, but that would be sugar-coating it and that’s not my style. I was a stone-cold junkie and everybody knew it. It wasn’t necessarily something that a person could hide. Back then, the only thing that was important to me was my next hit and I diligently worked twelve hours a day to make that happen. It was the worst nightmare I have ever had. If I was able to get to sleep, the first thing that I would do when I woke up was to make the call. And if you’re an addict right now, then you know what the call is. I had the most intricate system imaginable for scoring drugs. I mean it was infallible. I knew where to go if my regular guy was dry and if that failed I had several back up guys as well. Never in my life have I been that good of a planner. When I finally came to grips with what was going on I made the conscientious effort to seek drug rehabilitation. It was the best thing, to date, that I have ever done for myself and the best plan I’ve ever made. So, what’s your plan?