In the realm of substance abuse treatment, there seem to be almost as many substance abuse treatment centers as there are substance abuse. One of the reasons for this diversity stems from the lack of a clear solution to this ever-growing problem. There are no drug addiction problems that are easily treated. Proper treatment must be determined from a unique, in-depth diagnosis, and steadfast persistence on the part of the substance abuse facility and the student is required.

What must be understood is that drugs can become the main driving force for any kind of abuser. Drugs dominate their every action and dictate every detail. If it were simply a matter of “turning off” an abuser’s compulsive tendencies, then substance abuse program would be easy. But it’s never as simple as that. By incorporating many different components of drug addiction treatment, rehabilitation can better target each resident’s unique personality.

Once someone’s drug use can be diagnosed as “addictive,” seemingly normal factors in their lives can become causes for taking drugs. Stress, for instance, is a particularly effective contributor to a drug abuser’s habit. Therefore, the elimination of a stressful environment is one of the first things that needs to happen during the rehabilitation process.