Recognize the Signs

Could a loved one be suffering from addiction or substance abuse? Learning to identify the signs and symptoms of substance abuse are essential to helping a loved one in need. This list of the top 7 warning signs of substance abuse can help:

#1: Change in behavior. Your loved one may seem withdrawn or lose interest in the activities and hobbies they once enjoyed. As drug dependency worsens, your loved one may make up excuses or constantly lie about why they neglect friends and family.

#2: Change in friendships. Rather than socializing with friends and family, your loved one will exclusively spend time with other individuals who share or enable their addictive behaviors.

#3: Inability to stop using drugs or alcohol. Your loved one may promise to stop experimenting with drugs or drinking alcohol, but because they are addicted, they are unable to stop abusing these substances. They may claim that they can stop at any time, but fail to do so despite repeated promises.

#4: Engaging in risky behavior. Individuals who are addicted to drugs are more likely to engage in dangerous or risky behaviors. Your loved one may drive while drunk, share needles or have unprotected sex.

#5: Frequent mood swings. Your normally happy or easy-going loved one may suddenly experience significant mood swings. These mood swings include being uncharacteristically violent or aggressive, being moody or depressed, and being very defensive of their drug use.

#6: Being late for work or school. Your loved one may constantly be late for work or school due to withdrawal symptoms from substance abuse. Your loved one may abandon work and school responsibilities in order to get high or drunk, or frequently ask you to “make excuses” as to why they are late or unable to fulfill their responsibilities.

#7: Change in appearance. Individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol frequently have an unexpected change in their physical appearance. For example, individuals who abuse meth may have a pock marked face and signs of rapid aging. Individuals who abuse heroin may wear long sleeves even in hot weather to cover track marks.

Get Help for Substance Abuse

If your loved one shows any of these signs of substance abuse, the best thing that you can do is help them seek treatment. Every day matters; seeking treatment for substance abuse is the best way to stop or reverse serious physical damage to the body and help your loved one live a sober life. Contact Freedom Drug Rehab and we can help you and your loved ones today.