In choosing an addiction treatment center, it’s important to remember that environment matters. Drug rehab doesn’t occur in a vacuum, after all. On the contrary, drug treatment is and must be a personal process, and the people who staff an addiction treatment center are vital to the ultimate success of its rehabilitation programs. If you’re going to get better, it’s going to be because you get help from experienced, empathetic caregivers. Addiction treatment centers that can’t offer that much can’t ever expect to help their residents get sober for good.

Make no mistake, there’s nothing easy about life in an addiction treatment center. Even the most exclusive drug rehabilitation program in the world can’t save you from having to struggle a little on the road to drug recovery. That said, the support you get from your rehab counselors and therapists will be instrumental in helping you get where you need to go. WIth so much to lose, and so much more to win, you can’t afford anything less than the best care you can get.