The concept of drug addiction/dependence is being refined in light of new research on blood concentrations, receptor sites, brain chemistry and withdrawal syndromes. All mind-altering drugs, including alcohol, marijuana, heroin, other opiates, methamphetamine and cocaine, can produce addiction or dependence, develop intolerance, and induce a withdrawal syndrome after cessation of chronic use.

All of which is solvable at a luxury residential drug rehab center. Putting all this together, persons dependent on drugs or alcohol may have any or all of the following problems at the time they enter treatment:

Induced chemical imbalance
Genetic chemical imbalance
Social and psychological problems
Inhibited life and/or coping skills

On the assumption that one or more of these factors may be present, it is easy to see why different drug rehab programs at drug rehab centers work for some persons but not others. In summary, it is now believed that severe chemical imbalances exist in persons who continuously relapse despite drug treatment at a drug rehab facility and that the origins of those chemical imbalances may be chemically induced, genetic, or social and psychological.