Why would anyone choose something that represents any kind of a possible damage in their life? As shocking as it may sound, some people -either conscious or unconsciously- choose certain behaviors or conducts that will later result in serious health complications. But luckily there are also good ways of life to be learned and taught simultaneously. Being sober is more than a state of mind or body, it is a life philosophy. Since little kids most of our parents teach the benefits of a sober life: little or no health difficulties. But there is more to it. If alcohol and/or drug abuse takes an individual to negative outcomes, being sober will most definitely work as an opposite. Alcohol and drug abuse can lead a person to an antisocial conduct. Sober living will contribute to good and healthy social interactions.

Family and friends tend to characterize an individual for the pathology he or she has, but with a sober life people will take the individual as the person it is and no judgment will take place. It is almost medically accepted that it is healthy to drink one alcoholic beverage -usually red wine- per day for its few benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and pressure. The problem lies in taking this advice to the extreme, and start drinking more and more. So, next time you are out and have the choice of being sober or abusing of any substance, remember that it is easier to live a sober life with all its positive outcomes, and no one will regret it.