Okay so you wanna tell me that an intervention can’t get the job done when it comes to getting a drug addict to drug rehab? Well, you can be a dumbass and tell me that if you want, but I’m living proof that an intervention can work. And it can. I had an intervention done on me and, no, it wasn’t the coolest, but it did work. I was a hard core junkie. I admit it. It wasn’t the best part of my life, but it happened. My mom and the rest of my family had gotten to the point where they were fed up and it was time for the shit to hit the fan. I came home one day to a house full of people and they sat me down and told me what was up. It was definitely uncomfortable but I looked at it the way that i was supposed to. They wanted the best for me and they wanted me to know how much they loved me. They told me that my addiction was breaking up the family and I had to do something to make things right. They were right. I went to drug treatment and got my life back in order. So don’t tell me that an intervention can’t work. I know.