Some people will tell you addiction treatment has to be a miserable experience. They couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that addiction treatment done the right way is first and foremost about hope, and about healing. Make no mistake, drug rehab isn’t easy. But it will change your life, if you give it a chance, and if you get help from rehab experts who know what they’re doing. The right luxury rehab center can make a world of difference. The only catch? You have to get out there and find it.

There are plenty of “exclusive” rehab facilities in Los Angeles, all of them offering addiction treatments “guaranteed” to help you get sober. Unfortunately, you can’t believe everything you hear in rehab center advertisements. In the end, there’s no substitute for quality in the addiction treatment experience. Expertise matters. So does elegance. Before you choose a substance abuse treatment center, you have to be sure it’s the right one for you. With so much to lose, and so much more to win, you simply can’t afford to be wrong.