I went to a drug addictions treatment center once in my life and it wasn’t to get a job. In all actuality, I went to a drug addiction treatment center to do a job more than anything else. The job I went to accomplish was getting sober. I had a flaming case of drug addiction to crack and I was falling faster than the rocks I smoked. It was a little crazy trying to get some help. I guess it’s because I was so hooked on drugs and not really coherent enough to do anything else. I don’t know how I managed enough clarity to search for a drug addiction treatment center that would be able to help me. I eventually did find one that would suit me and my addiction and I enrolled immediately. It’s crazy how when you’re at your worst, you can still manage to be at your best. Taking the initiative to make a change in my life was one of my strongest moments. I don’t know where the strength came from to do what I did, but I’m glad that I did. Going to a drug addiction treatment center was the best choice that I’ve ever made and it changed my life immensely