Once substance abuse treatment has been completed, surrounding yourself with a strong support system and protecting yourself from peer pressure is crucial to a successful recovery journey.

After all, maintaining sobriety is not a short term goal, it’s a long term journey. For this reason, making sure that you have a stable and consistent support group will help make fighting temptation that much easier. These friends will come in handy when the former addict has frustrations with the process or is in need of someone to help make sure that they stay on the right path.

Incidentally, surrounding yourself with friends who have your best interests in mind and understand the inner workings of the sobriety journey is of utmost importance. While your friends may not be blatantly peer pressuring you to drink or use drugs, continuing to surround yourself with those who do is setting yourself up for temptation. Instead of focusing on moving forward and forming healthy habits, you will end up spending too much energy towards fighting against relapsing.

While you cannot control how your friends spend their downtime, you can control how you do. If your friends like to spend their free time at bars drinking, then this is probably not the best option. After all, why take the chance? Especially if you are freshly out of drug rehab, then the urge to drink is still subconsciously in the back of your mind, despite how strong you may think you are.

Regardless of whether or not your friends peer pressure you to drink because they do not fully understand the recovery process, or simply by inviting you out to a bar, the best way to combat peer pressure is not go at all and to set boundaries. Make sure that your friends understand the recovery process and what you need from them along the way. That way, you will not have to worry about any confusion or miscommunication.

You surround yourself with numerous other people who fully understand the recovery journey that you are on. As a result, not only are you able to receive an unconditional amount of support from people who have been there, but you can also provide impetus healing for others as well.