Drug rehabilitation is a program that an individual enters to treat a drug or alcohol addiction. Drug rehab programs work through therapy and education. They are able to restore drug addicts and alcoholics to their previous non-drug using self. Recovered addicts are then able to re-enter society clean and sober. There are many reasons why people enter drug rehabilitation programs. Some of the many reasons are: the inability to control their drinking or drug use, alienating their friends and family, problems with the law, and problems at work.

Millions have successfully recovered from drug addiction because they received the right help and information while in drug rehab. Over the last 25 years, studies have shown that drug treatment works to reduce an individual’s drug use and the crimes committed by drug addicted persons. Research has also shown that those who have successfully completed a drug rehab are more likely to be employed.

Why does drug rehab work? Generally speaking, the more help an individual is given to conquer their drug addiction, the more successful their results will be. Also, those who stay in a drug rehab longer than 3 months usually have better outcomes than those who stay a shorter amount of time. However, recovery is an ongoing process. The skills one learns during drug rehab must be integrated into their everyday life, and this takes time. Though there are a variety of different types of treatment available, those programs that are successful incorporate strategies for keeping the person in treatment, skills to help them handle everyday situations that may cause trouble once they have completed the program, and guidance and counseling towards understanding their initial reasons for abusing drugs.