Getting sober was the most difficult, and important thing I have ever done. And I never thought doing the most difficult thing I ever had to do could be so much fun. I was lucky enough to wind up in a high-end residential alcohol rehab program in malibu, ca. It was hard, I cried, I got angry, I wanted to leave a million times… but I stuck it out. And one day, I got it. I really bought into what the loving, experienced people at the alcohol rehab were sharing with me. They were trying to help me, and it took me a while to see that. I spent my whole life pushing people away, pushing help away. It got fun when I realized that the alcohol treatment program was about me getting well, me getting happy, me living the life I always sat on barstools and lied about living. And, I got to walk on the beach and share my problems with people who had been there. I got to sit in group sessions and let it all hang out, let the world know that I didn’t want to live the life I had been living anymore. I got to laugh like I’ve never laughed before with people who I love more than anything. And then, I got to go back out into the world and see it in a whole different light.