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In many cases, drug rehab is an addict’s last best chance.

In 2004, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that almost five percent of all Americans reported dependence on at least one habit-forming drug.
12 Million Americans (almost 5% of the people)By any standard, that qualifies as a very serious problem.

Fortunately, drug rehab offers a potential solution. Drug addiction is a disease; it works by making an addict physiologically and emotionally beholden to a particular substance. Drug rehab aims to combat drug addiction, in turn, by breaking that coercive relationship; drug rehab helps addicts get better by freeing them from the bonds imposed by the drugs they abuse.

Although all drug rehab philosophies address both the physiological and emotional roots of the disease, different programs emphasize different parts of the healing process. Medical rehab programs stress recovery from the physical trauma of addiction. Spiritual programs target the psychological roots of abuse. Social rehab is geared towards teaching addicts the skills and mindset necessary for sober living in a communal environment. And holistic programs are notable for the emphasis they place on the equal importance of mind, body, and spirit in conquering chemical addiction.

A drug rehab program is further distinguished by the living arrangements and individual responsibilities of its patients. Typically, a drug rehab patient will progress through three stages of healing: inpatient care, residential treatment, and outpatient recovery. Taken in sum, these three phases help patients overcome their dependencies while simultaneously preparing them to lead independent lives. The ultimate goal of alcohol and drug rehab, of course, is to foster meaningful and lasting sobriety”and to ensure that addicts regain that very freedom which makes life”life beyond the walls of a drug rehab center”worth living in the first place.

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