Drug addiction is a life-shattering illness. It rips families apart and breaks people down. It all starts with that one little hit and the thought that you can quit whenever you want. It has many end results: living on the streets, alienating your family and friends, death. For most addicts, drug addiction is a lifelong illness, with relapses even after long periods with no drug abuse. Drug addiction is rarely arrested without the help of an addiction treatment program or a stay at a luxury residential drug addiction treatment facility.

A drug addict is defined as a person who is unable to live a normal life without drugs. He or she has a continuous craving for a certain drug. All aspects of his or her social life are disrupted because of this addiction. Addicts may be either mentally or physically dependent on a drug. The physically dependent drug addict shows physical signs if the substance is not available to them. Drug rehabilitation centers and alcohol rehab programs exist to help individuals who suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism recover.