Binge and purge. What the hell is that? I didn’t ever really know what it was until Sylvie. Hell, even after Sylvie I didn’t know what it was. An eating disorder…what? I just remember how she would just eat so much shit and then disappear. What the hell was that? I used to do that, but when I disappeared I was going for the old number two. Sylvie, however, was going to puke her guts out to the best of her abilities. OUCH!! I remember the first time she forgot to lock the door and I walked in on her. The pain that she was obviously feeling was gut wrenching. I mean, how did all of that come out of little old Sylvie? I’ve never seen so much puke. And I used to work with kids, so I’ve seen a lot of puke. But puke like that, again I say, OUCH!!! Needless to say we had to get help for Sylvie and her eating disorder and we did. The counseling she’s been getting has really made a difference and we’re all confident that she’ll be okay. I hope so because if I ever see her puke like that again I may never be able to hold down another morsel.