Any alcohol rehab program worth its salt will take you to the promised land. That’s what alcohol rehab did for me. Any time that you end up a sloppy drunk that never knows where he is and can barely formulate a sentence without pausing and slurring his words, then you might almost be as bad an alcoholic as I was. There was never really any time when I wasn’t completely blasted out of my mind. I can hardly remember half of what happened back in those days other than my daily regiment. I’d wake up hung over, then I would have my morning beer. Then, I’d go to work for a few hours until lunch cocktails and then I’d get off of work and hit the bar until closing time. It used to be ugly.

I never really thought much of my terrible routine until it started hurting just to be awake. That’s when I decided to get into an alcohol rehab program. When I first went to alcohol treatment I was very skeptical about it being effective. But I was determined to stick out and make it work of sobriety. It’s definite. When I look back I’m so glad that I did stick it out because I’m on my fifth year nitely a hard road to walk when you’re trying to dry out, but , man, is it worth it if you stick it out.