Alcoholism is a disease- if that sounds like alcoholism is serious and requires serious treatment, that’s because it is and it does. Alcoholism has many identifiable symptoms that should be immediately addressed for the well being of the drinker. Alcoholism also has many underlying causes that can be effectively treated by a respectable alcohol treatment center. Most often those that suffer from alcoholism already understand that they are not in control of their disease and despite numerous attempts to control their alcoholism, drinking has persisted and problems have continued to escalate.

Many people do not realize that alcoholism can have many different warning signs that become evident in the body and the mind. Maybe a doctor has asked you whether or not you were a heavy drinker when you went in for a physical checkup or complaining about abdominal pain, recurring nausea or ulcers. Perhaps your boss has questioned you about consistent tardiness or missed days at work. Sometimes people lie to cover up the truth about their drinking as a way to deny the power of alcoholism. If you have admitted your drinking problem to the doctor or boss, usually you will continue with a promise to cut down, or an excuse about troubles within your personal or home life.

And what of the troubles at home? Alcoholism can wreak havoc with a spouse, the kids, neighbors and friends. Your wife or husband may be giving you a very hard time about everything from a DUI arrest to failing to do the household chores you promised. You seem to have a lot of pain and misery around you and drinking to escape responsibilities has stopped working. The weekend binge drinking has become a daily habit and the anxiety seems to be getting worse when you try to stop drinking.

Whether or not you have experienced any one of these consequences, all of them, or completely different problems, if you or a loved one needs help for alcoholism Treatment Referral is here to help. Alcoholism is a progressive disease and the earlier the tolerance, cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be addressed the better. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that 1 in 13 Americans suffers from alcoholism. Don’t be one of the 14 million people who wait to seek treatment until things are at their worst.