Adolescents are especially sensitive and when their lives are surrounded by addiction, making the right choice for their drug rehab could affect the outcome of their recovery and the most important years of their lives.  Read here about adolescent drug rehab, why it may be the best choice for your teenager, and why it is so important.

Adolescents are a very special group of people because they are still in the important developmental stages of life, learning about life, themselves, and making important decisions about their future.  When adolescents are struggling with addiction, it turns their lives upside down, infecting their brains which are still developing which makes it all the more difficult to navigate the path to health.  Deciding on the right drug rehab for adolescents becomes extremely important for many reasons, the most important of which is their future.  The large majority of drug rehab centers are for adults aged 18 and older, leaving those adolescents younger than 18 in need of drug rehab with few choices.  While there are many different drug rehabs designed to treat younger teens, they vary in philosophies and methodologies.  Some drug rehab centers for teens operate on the premise that teens should not be out of school to get help, so they incorporate schooling in the drug rehab itself with the material and supplies from that individual’s school.  Other drug rehab centers for teens believe that recovery must be done without distractions such as school work which can occupy a great deal of time and concentration.  These are two very different philosophies and determining which is best for your teen can make the difference between success and failure. 

So How Do I Know What Drug Rehab is Best for My Teen?

It takes a great deal of careful examination to decide which kind of drug rehab is best for each individual kind of situation when dealing with teenage addiction.  A few things to consider when thinking about whether or not to keep your child in shcool during the drug rehab process are questions surrounding performace and behavior in the school setting.

Does your child seem to stress about grades and performance in school?

If you have found that your child puts a great deal of emphasis on his or her grades and becomes irriated, depressed or shameful for not receiving the grades expected, it may be a good idea to contnue school during drug rehab.  There is generally a good chance that stress over grades and studies is related to drug and alcohol abuse, so continuing school while in drug rehab may help your child learn to handle the stress over studies while acquiring tools neccessary to live a drug and alcohol free life.  The problems may be rooted in your child not being able to cope with pressures of school, so if they can learn to manage their emotions over school while completing drug rehab, that may be the best thing for success after rehab.

Have you noticed your child hanging with the “wrong crowd” and losing focus on schoolwork?

If your child used to be a good student and well balanced, not placing an unhealthy amount of effort and emotions on school performace, but began to lose interest in school when more time was spent with bad elements in or outside of school, the best thing you can do is to remove your child from his or her area to get the bad influence away from your child so they can focus on improvement.  Depending on the specific situation, it may be a good idea to continue schooling while completing drug rehab, so your child can rediscover the experience of school and studying in a sober environment.

Is your child well ahead of the class in his or her learning abilities and performace?

If you have a child who is ahead of the class without excessive effort, your child may be better off taking time from school for drug rehab.  If your child is exceptionally intelligent, but abusing drugs or alcohol, it is even more important that you get the addiction treated like that is the thing that has the most power to hold him or her back in the future.  Your child has the intelligence to do anything, but addiction will take all that potential away if it is not properly addressed.  The opportunity for drug rehab should be taken seriously by your child and have his or her complete focus.  When your child is ahead in school and the only obstacle in his or her way is the potential hazards of addiction which can ruin a life very easily.  A lifetime of sobriety and health is well worth missing a couple of months in school. 

Is your child a poor performer in school and has only becoem worse since addiction?

If your child has never been a great performer in school and has seemed to fall into the wrong crowd and addiction, it may be a good idea to have him or her in drug rehab and continue with schooling.  By taking this approach to drug rehab, you may be able to determine some of the causes of the poor school performace as well as the addiction.  By continuing with school while in drug rehab, your child will be able to continue to learn the skills so valuable to both addiction recovery and success in school.  If you find that your child cannot necessarily afford to lose the time in school and needs help with study skills and concentration, continuing schooling while attending drug rehab may be able to do wonders for your teen in both areas in need of improvement.  Obviously, successful addiction treatment is far more imperative than good grades in school. but if you can provide your child with an opportunity to grow in both areas, there is no reason not to try to do it.

Has your child already graduated or dropped out of school because of addiction?

If your child is no longer in school either because of graduating or dropping out, the best thing you can do for him or her is drug rehab and only drug rehab.  If your child is no longer in school, restarting education will not be the focus at that time.  The best thing that can happen is for your child to ger his or her life back on track without drugs and alcohol.  Once a clear mind and healthy lifestyle has been achieved, he or she may then restart school and begin to move in the right direction.

Remember that each situation is unique and there is no set answer for everyone.  If your child is heavily addicted and needs intensive drug rehab, no matter what the grades or school performance, you may be better off focusing entirely on drug rehab.  The decision you make can change the outcome of your child’s life, so be sure you examine every aspect and make the choice that is right for your child. It is always a daunting task to determine what is best for your child’s future no matter what the situation is, but when addiction treatment and drug rehab options become the topic of decision making, it becomes even more difficult.  It is hard to read your child and to know how best to get him or her the help they need without disrupting the sanctity of the relationship and the core values you’ve worked hard to establish.  Dealing with addiction in teenagers and adolescents is one of the most difficult things to handle, but there are hope and help is available everywhere.  Drug rehabs for adolescents are designed to be sensitive to the needs and troubles of young adults, without judgment but guidance and understanding.  Like any other drug rehab specifically designed for certain groups of people, adolescent drug rehab is engineered to reach young adults in a way that they are more comfortable and likely to understand the disease of addiction and accept the messages of recovery.

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