New addiction treatment offering hope in the fight against meth

Hooked on meth since he was 17, for the last six weeks he has been on a medication-assisted treatment protocol at Grace Recovery & Wellness in Anderson. The treatment, which includes a drug designed to help people who suffer from narcolepsy or other sleep disorders, has given him a new outlook. (

Professional treatments and facilities at Addiction Helper can help patients fight substance abuse

A common and effective way to recover from drug addiction is by booking yourself into a rehab centre to gain access to better treatment and professional support than you would receive at home. Facilities such as Addiction Helper have professional treatments that help addicts to fight substance abuse. They use a wide range of techniques and treatment methods to ensure that their patients are healed.(

More people than ever before are dying because of drugs in Manchester

More people than ever before are dying because of drugs in Manchester – as the number of addicts being referred for detox treatment has plummeted. Official figures show the city’s death rate from misuse of legal or illegal substances has doubled in a decade and is now running at twice the national average.  (

Brighton and Hove’s secret drug addicts

But it appears the stereotypes often associated with people battling a drug addiction couldn’t, in many cases, be further from the truth. Experts claim that many people in respectable jobs, including teachers and nurses, are living in the city and across Sussex as ‘functioning addicts’ and hiding the truth from their colleagues, friends and family. (

Impact on mental health, addiction recovery as things go back to normal

As more Americans get vaccinated and life returns to some degree of normalcy, experts weigh in on the impact the pandemic has had on mental health and addiction. The pandemic brought on the perfect storm when it comes to mental health and addiction as the onset of symptoms, such as social isolation, economic stressors and grief, are all factors many Americans have experienced. (