1. Pandemic Can Worsen Odds For People Recovering From Addiction

Drug use can increase the risks associated with COVID-19 infection, and at the same time, the social and psychological risks of the pandemic can intensify drug use. (medicalxpress.com)

2. Estimates Suggest Drug Overdoses On The Rise Since Coronavirus Outbreak

The director of the National Institute on Drug Addiction estimates that overdoses are up as much as 40%. (foxnews.com)

3. England’s Working Economy Is Being Killed By Alcohol

Almost a fifth of working years of life lost in England in 2018 was due to alcohol consumption, overtaking working years lost to Cancer, the latest data from Public Health England shows. (news-medical.net)

4. Excessive Drinking Responsible For 255 Deaths Per Day In US

Excessive drinking was responsible for an average of 255 deaths per day in the United States from 2011 to 2015. (psychiatryadvisor.com)

5. Sweet Coolers A Gateway To Increased Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholic coolers that contain 10% alcohol and 25% high-fructose corn syrup increase the risk of problem drinking, a new study reports. (neurosciencenews.com)