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Our facility is the answer We are small, private drug rehab in Malibu California. We are situated on a two-acre private garden estate with unobstructed views of the magnificent Malibu coast and mountains. There are very few drug rehabs that are located in such a beautiful and private location. And as they say in real estate, its “location, location, location”. Not only do we have the perfect location, but also on the inside, you will find the luxuries and amenities of a five-star resort. Things like designer furnishings, a private lap pool, a complete indoor gym with your own private trainer, a gourmet chef to prepare fresh meals and snacks, and your own private room with the smell of lavender and citrus in the gardens just outside your door.

One of our caring staff will take you to call and help you make the arrangements to come and begin your new life in recovery. Why wait? The luxury and privacy only we can offer is just a phone call away.